Thursday, 5 April 2012

T minus six days

Today was a great day and we haven't even left yet. So why was it such a great day? Because I officially started my leave from work this afternoon and will not be returning to work until 07 May 12.

Planning is continuing, and tonight we are going to order a TomTom XL-350T Car GPS from the Best Buy Online Store. We will be arranging for pickup at their store at El Segundo, Los Angeles, which is not far from the Airport (LAX). At only US$89.99 (with mounting point), I think it's a steal.

This is a pretty important commodity for us, for some of you may have overheard Maureen crediting a TomTom Car GPS as saving our marriage during our last holiday to the US. At that time we were trying to navigate from LAX to my good friend Sal's home in the San Fernando Valley and were hopelessly lost. Thankfully we chanced upon a Radio Shack shop and promptly purchased the GPS.

In the meantime, I really hope we can navigate from LAX to El Segundo to pick it up. :P

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