Saturday, 7 April 2012

T minus four days

The Flights.

Those that know me, know that this post was inevitable. :)

Only four sleeps to go until lift-off on Flight QF11 between Sydney (YSSY) and Los Angeles (LAX) on the giant Qantas Airbus A380. We will be flying on the same aircraft type for our return Flight QF12. For the uninitiated, this is a Qantas Airbus A380, and it's freaking huge. Interestingly, we took this very same flight on our previous visit to the US.

During our time in the US we will have five internal flights, flying with Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. For the first two flying legs on 17 April, we will be flying between Tucson and Atlanta (Flight 319) followed by Atlanta to Miami, both legs on a Delta Boing 757 (Flight 1951), which looks like this (and hopefully not landing like the example aircraft in the photo):

The third flying leg will be on 20 April flying on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 between Miami and Seattle (Flight 17). With the exception of flights to Hawaii, I don't think that there are many internal USA flights that are longer than this, as we will be flying diagonally across the North American continent from the South East to the North West.

Next will be a very short hop on 20 April between Seattle and Portland on Flight 2181, a De-Havilland Canada Dash8 Q400 with Alaska Airlines.

The final internal leg will be between Seattle and San Francisco flying on a United Boeing 757. This is Flight 884 on 26 April. We flew this same leg during our last visit flying on a United Airlines Airbus A320.

If you want, you can actually track each of our flights by going to plane finder or flight tracker( ( It will provide live tracking of the flights. I would recommend the flightaware site as it has a much easier search function.

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