Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day Fifteen - Coldplay Live at Key Arena, Seattle

We started Day 15 fairly slowly, with a leisurely sleep-in followed by a walk into town to catch the annual Macey's 25% off everything sale. The walk was around a mile-and-a-half and was spoilt slightly by on and off showers along the way. We picked up some attchments for Maureen's Kitchen Aid mixer and some clothing. We then decided to catch a cab home as the rain increased whilst we were in the Department Store.

The remainder of the day into the afternoon involved lunch then a large amount of washing conducted at a coin operated laundry, whilst Schuyler and I set out to SeaTac to take some aircraft pictures.

Once all was done, Schuyler and I attended the Coldplay Concert at Key Arena. We didn't have ideal tickets as they were quickly selling out when we purchased them a few weeks ago. Coldplay were backed up by two other groups, The Pearces and Metronome, and they were really quite awesome.

As for Coldplay, they were just stunning. The look on Schuyler's face when they arrived on stage was just priceless and certainly worth the cost of the tickets. They played a fairly large set followed by an encore of three songs. At one stage, the entire band were situated right in amongst the crowd. Overall, we had an awesome time there. Here's some pics for day 15:

The wristbands in question lit up and flashed like a strobe-light in time with the music. Looking around the arena, the effect was fantastic. In fact you can see wrist bands in the YouTube video below and behind Schuyler in the next picture.


Schuyler had this smile on his face for the entire concert.

During our walk into the city.

The destination.

Pictures from Sea Tac, whilst Maureen looked after the laundry.

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