Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day Nine - Still in Miami

Today we managed to sleep in in an attempt to recharge our batteries. The boys have been complaining about someone snoring. I can't imagine who would do that. We had breakfast and headed out, southbound. We had originally intended to visit Key West, the southern most point of Continental USA, but decided against due to the distance and the fact that we (or at least Maureen and the Boys) needed to get to a Basketball match in the evening. The distance to Key west from Miami is around 155 miles, which would have been quite a bit of driving. In the end, we decided that to get a Florida Keys fix, we would drive to the first of the Keys, Key Largo (yes, I remember the Bertie Higgins song as well). The drive was around 50-ish miles and involves passing a very long straight through the Everglades. I also managed to find an F-4D Phantom (Aircraft) along the way. 

In the end, there was not to much to see in Key Largo, as it is predominantly surrounded by mangroves and such, but the water was a beautiful turquoise colour. I am sure that if we had some more time, we could have gone snorkelling or some great activity, so whilst Key Largo didn't do it for me, doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a great place to visit. 

Here's some pics:

Trust me to find an aircraft en route to Key Largo.

A rare picture of me at the wheel.
That's Key Largo at the other end of this bridge.

We drove back to the Hotel and Maureen and I did our online check-in for our flight to Portland Oregon tomorrow. After this, Maureen and the boys headed into the city to go to the Miami Heat versus Chicago Bulls Basketball match and I am waiting for them to get back as I write this blog. For the record, the Heat won the match, so Joshua will be excited. Whilst I waited, I did a practice drive to Hertz's Car Rental return point at the Airport after the trouble we had leaving the airport. Apart from that I had a pretty relaxing afternoon and evening.

Early wake up tomorrow for Flights 17 and 2181 to Portland via Seattle.

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