Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day Three - More San Diego

*Warning - Lots of aircraft pics in this post, although some are quite 'arty' have been warned.

Day three finds us still in San Diego. I have to say that I really love this place, it seems to have a very relaxed atmosphere and it quite beautiful as well. With that said, the weather here on day three was crappy, to say the least. The day kicked off with our best intentions to get up early and kick off what was going to be a busy day. I managed to wake up nice and early, but, the family were sleeping so peacefully so I let them have a bit of a sleep in. 

Our first port of call was to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) (formerly Naval Air Station (NAS)) Miramar - think Goose and Maveric at the 'Top Gun' school. They have a great museum called the Flying Leathernecks Museum, and I must say it was a fantastic museum to visit with so many aircraft and helicopters. However, one of the more interesting exhibits was a Bell Helicopter which was personally owned by Saddam Hussain. Obviously, he doesn't need it anymore. :) Whilst the weather held out for this part of the day it was bitterly cold. Here's some photos from the Flying Leathernecks Museum:

After visiting the Museum, we decided to have lunch at a shopping centre in El Cajun a little out of San Diego. We also did some shopping before heading outside into the pouring rain. We drove into town to visit Horton Plaza again, due to one of the stores forgetting to remove the security devices from a Lakers Jersey that Kyle had bought the day before. We then headed off to the USS Midway a floating Aircraft Carrier Museum, located very close to the city.

The USS Midway was the longest serving Aircraft Carrier in the 20th Century after being commissioned in 1945 and retiring in the 90's. They have a great array of aircraft contained on its deck and within. Schuyler and I went throughout the ship and at one stage, the weather was so bad, we were cowering inside a Sea King Helicopter on the main deck before a staff member asked us to leave the hangar deck due to nearby lightning strikes. Whilst we got drenched, the overcast skies made for perfect photographing light. Here's some pictures.

We finished the day with dinner at Red Lobster eating beautiful Steaks with Shrimp and Lobster. Late at night, I had a brief chat with my mate Don from Alaska.

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