Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day Eight - I'm in Miami, b*%ch

Welcome to Miami, Florida, or in my opinion, the world's largest constant traffic jam. We kicked off today with breakfast at our Hotel, and I must say that I am becoming the 'Waffle-Meister' having perfected the use of the automatic Waffle Making Machine. Our first port of call involves the television program Burn Notice. Some may already know that we all are huge fans of this show and have not yet missed an episode. In fact we have the first four seasons on DVD. If you don't know what I am talking about, this may jog your memory:

So, what we did was check out some of the key locations for the show. This includes the Loft (the character, Michael Weston's Home) and his Mom's (note American spelling) home. So here we are at both locations:

We then headed to a location where it was rumoured that the crew was shooting an episode, but they were not there.

Next we headed back to our Hotel and caught the Metro Rail (Train) from Dadeland North (about 5 minutes walk from the Hotel) into the City (Government Station). We immediately headed to American Airlines Stadium to pick up our pre-purchased Basketball tickets for the next two Miami Heat home games.

Joshua, looking like Horatio from CSI Miami in his shades, though the newly purchased El Heat Jersey doesn't fit that picture.

American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat
Following lunch at Subway, we decided to take a Segway tour around the Miami Riverside area. This was excellent except for a couple of very minor crashes, but noone hurt. We certainly learnt a lot about Miami from the informative tour, and frankly, those Segways are really fun!

Maureen and I at Bayside, Miami
Last minute lessons, looking very nervous

...and we're off!

Look Ma, no hands!

At the end of the tour we headed to Bubba Gumps for dinner and managed to come a close second in the Forrest Gump Trivia Quiz. The service there was excellent, so we tipped bigger than usual. Then it was onto the game; Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors. It was a great game to watch and the huge size of American Airlines Arena blows away all Australian Basketball Venues. We arrived back at the Hotel at around 1100h.

Celebrating the end of the Segway tour with a pre-dinner drink, the famous Mojito, in this instance, a mango Mojito.

Kyle looking a little excited as we wait for the gates to open.

Joshua taken from our seats, way up in nose-bleed section.

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