Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day Twenty One - The City of Angels and the Baseball of the Angels

After a long day of driving on Day 20, we took a fairly relaxed pace in the morning, catching on some last minute shopping. As it stands, baggage allowance would appear to be a potential problem, but Maureen assures me that everything is under control. Personally, I am thinking Lavoisier's Principle of Mass Conservation which states that mass in an isolated system (our suitcases) will remain constant over time. 

One of our morning activities was a visit to Staples Center, in the heart of LA. The Staples Center is the home of the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA Basketball), Clippers (NBA Basketball) and Kings (NHL Ice Hockey). For Kyle, this was like visiting Mecca as he is truly a very one-eyed Lakers Supporter. Here's some pics at Staples Center:

Another of our stops was the Best Buy Store at El Segunda, which was our first stop on this holiday, so we feel as though we have now come full circle. Lunch was also at El Segunda at a place called Sam's Woodfire Pizza and it was great.

In the afternoon, we drove towards Anaheim which is the location of the Angel Stadium of Anaheim and home to the mighty Anaheim Angels Baseball Team. To be honest, I think that this was the first Baseball Match we had ever been to. Sure, we have all played Baseball at School and in the back yard, but actually watching a live match...nope. 

So on to the match which was between the mighty Anaheim Angels (I only say 'mighty' because I bought Angels' merchandise) and the Minnesota Twins. Thankfully, the Angels beat the Twins four - zip. As for the match, we had a great time and the atmosphere was very family-orientated. 

Driving home from the game reinforced that I am becoming quite adept in driving the LA freeways. It seems that every freeway, leads to another, so I think I counted seven freeways that took us from the Stadium to our Hotel near LAX.

Here's some pics from the Baseball:

Check out these crazy Aussies at the Baseball. Note the Monkey Hats (?)
Looking like a true Angels supporter.

Here we are ready for the match.

The view towards the Left.

The view towards the Right.

Some dude who plays for the Minnesota Twins.


A Twins Pitcher giving it his all.

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