Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day Nineteen - Viva Las Vegas

Day 19 started with a sleep in before heading out to some of the factory outlets around town. Not overly keen to shop, Joshua and I set out to McCarren Airport to photograph some aircraft. From memory, Sunset Road is a great place to look at aircraft, so that's where we went. The weather was warm and sunny and the skies were clear blue. Here's some of the pics that I took:

After we rejoined, we had lunch and headed to a Sports Card Shop that Schuyler had researched. We then headed back to our Hotel to get ourselves ready for some night activities.

Night activities comprised the fabulous Circ du Soleil show 'Love' which is entirely based on the Beatles love ballads. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but I was truly impressed. Even young Joshua was impressed, and I spotted Schuyler tapping his feet to the music. Thee show was at the Mirage Hotel and Casino on the 'strip'. 

We followed the show with a visit to the Stratosphere to get a view of Las Vegas from a different perspective. The view was phenomenal, but there was a little bit of drama beforehand as they allow no tripods whatsoever, so I had to find the Stratosphere Bell Desk and get my tripod stored. Whilst up in the Stratosphere, we had a late dinner which was a make-it-yourself-hamburger. I must say, that I make a great hamburger. Not, sure if you are aware, but there are also some rides at the top of the Stratosphere, but one which had me tempted was a 108 story free-fall, similar to a Bungy-Jump, but it brakes as you get to the bottom. We were first made aware when we heard a guy screaming from above, so we looked up and here's this guy spread-Eagled in free-fall down the side of the Stratosphere. That was the end of a busy day in Vegas. Some more pics:

How's this for a funky bit of architecture, adjacent the Northern Factory Outlet. I was truly impressed.

In this photo, you can see the billboard for 'Love'.

The Stratosphere. If you look carefully at the top, you will see one of the rides.

Lunch at the Stratosphere.

The view.

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